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Quick JPEG Image Resize and Crop 1.2

Change the size and crop your images with this free tool
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Sometimes we need to change the size of our photos to upload them easily to our Facebook page or to share them with our friends and family through e-mail or Web messaging. This can be done using tools like Photoshop or Corel Draw, but these are expensive and sophisticated programs that aren't very easy to use. This little and free program helps us to perform this task in a very convenient manner. We only need to add the file the size of which we need to reduce and choose the new size in pixels. We can use any of the preset sizes or set a custom one. If we do this, the program will maintain the proportions of the original image automatically.

Besides resizing, the tool can also crop our images to eliminate undesired edges or elements from them. To do this, we only need to open a rectangle and adjust its edges to match the desired margins of our image. Once we are satisfied, we need to click on the Crop button, and that's it. Both when resizing and croping, we have the option of saving our image as a new file or to overwrite the original.

In sum, although it is not a very sophisticated program, it does what it promises to do, so if you need a simple tool to edit your photos' size, then you may want to try this one.

Victor Hernandez
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